What to expect...

Today, I wanted to sit down and go a little more into detail on a session, the experience of our session with Ashlee Jo Photography. First off, each session is a bit different but they all start the same.

We start off with an email or video consultation, this helps both of us get a better since of what you want out of your perfect session. You can literally ask anything during this session and this is a great way for you to become more comfortable around me especially when we do video. Once retainer is paid, I send out a long email with every detail you need and you'll out a questionnaire as well. This helps me get to know you better, learn what your favorite jams are and any other questions that might pop up.

For our Tokyo families, this is where our payment plans start as well. We'll set it up for you to pay once or twice every month up until your session so your session is paid in full by the time its your session date.

When it comes to the week before you session, I'll be emailing you a lot!! Making reminders as most of the time, I hear "I'm so excited but very nervous." I want to help relax you and know that everything will go smoothly. The day of session, I'll send out another long email on every little detail you could imagine, I want to prepare you as much as possible through the whole process.

Now this is where things very as we are currently offering session packages here at Yokota but won't be in Tampa, I will go over our Yokota area first.

For Yokota sessions, when you arrive you'll already be ready to go with hair and makeup. I can provide a list of professional makeup and hair artist in the area. When we walk into my tiny studio, i'll have your favorite music playing and we'll sit down and pull out your pieces. I also have a pretty good size client closet but I do state in the emails that I might not have something that fits you style. I want your to feel the best in pieces you love. You can bring as many pieces as you'd like and together we'll work it down to 2-4 depending on the session packages that you purchased. I will show you the back of my camera a few times during the session as well. I will walk you through every pose that we do but please don't judge my arch hahaha! I can not arch well but I have learned how to get a higher arch. At the end of the session, we'll go through how to choose your images when I provide a private online gallery about 3 business days later. You can also look though our album to decide if you would like to add on an album, if you do we'll set up payment plans or invoice the same day of your session.

For tampa/bradenton area, things are changing for Ashlee Jo Photography and I can not wait!! I have been planning this for so long and I am so glad to add this to my business.

Most of the information provided above will stay the same but the biggest change is offering same day viewing!! We'll be starting off with a session fee, that will provide your 60 minute session, hair and makeup, and consultation. I am so excited to work with many amazing local hair and makeup artist in the area to provide this right in your session. At the end of the session, we'll pull up the images on my viewing area. I will take about 30 minutes after the session and do a quick culling of images and add a slight edit to the image as well so when you view them you can see a partially finish edit. We'll take about an hour or so and go through the images and pick your favorite images based on the product that you would like to purchase. We'll be adding a few new product to the collections :) (all product is sold separately)

Got more questions?!

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