Hey girl, Grab a cup of coffee and listen to me ramble

I'm Ashlee Baerga, the owner and photographer of Ashlee Jo Photography based in Central Arkansas. I am published boudoir and couples intimate photographer. A few things about me is that I am momma to a crazy almost 5 year old boy, coffee addicted, sports car loving and military wife. I live to travel and see the world! Thank god we got stationed overseas for 7 years.

While stationed in Japan, I really struggled with my body positivity after having my son in 2017. As a new momma, it’s hard and I know that not just momma’s can relate. With social media now, society pressures woman and men to be the perfect size. We are not all one size, we are beautiful no matter our size. I felt so much passion I knew I had to channel all of my focus into Boudoir and Intimate couples sessions.

My team and I's goal and passion are to offer a portrait studio experience that solely focuses on empowering women and couples to find themselves with self-love, beauty, confidences without discrimination and judgment of shape, size, background, and sexuality.

Morgan Sanders

Hey y’all! I’m Morgan aka the one that keeps Ashlee on schedule! Also known as mom, mommy, momma, aunt MeMo and a few others. 😹 I was born and raised in good old Oklahoma where I got married and had my first kiddo. I am a military spouse. We lived in New Jersey for 8 years (add two more littles) ,1 year back in Oklahoma (during a year unaccompanied), then moved to Arkansas in 2017. My nephew came to live with us in 2020. 

n 2021, I met Ashlee (thanks husbands 🤣)! She sees things in all of us that most don’t. She brings out the shine in your eyes that you may not have seen in 10+ years(me). I absolutely love getting to see the lights return to the eyes of all people as they progress through Ashlee’s boudoir experience! I have had the joy of seeing woman actually fall in love with themselves for the first time in their entire lives. It is so humbling and exciting. We have so much fun running all over the studio, Ashlee throwing random things at me to get them out of the shot, Ashlee falling off random things she climbs on for the angles, and just an all around great time in the studio every single time. 

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