Want to learn how to shoot fireworks?

I wanted to introduce a different side to my blog this week and with a holiday weekend this weekend I thought it'd be perfect! Fireworks!!

I know many of momma's out there have cameras sitting in the closet, its time to pull those bad boys out for the grill outs and fireworks that are happening this weekend. I am going to give you the run down on how to get an image like this using manual on your camera!

Are you ready?!

It's easier than you would think too!! With this walk through guide!

Grab that camera first off, charge those batteries full and have a backup battery if you do because this will eat through a battery!

Pull out the kit telephoto lens and see if you can go to f/9. It's okay though it you cant!! Throughout the years, I have done firework photos with an 70-200mm minolta and a 70-300mm minolta as well. This year I used a 28-74 tamron with my sony a7rii. The average telephoto lens I have seen with a kit camera setup is 75-300mm from Canon, 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 from nikon and 55-210mm f/4.6-6.3 from sony.

Grab a old tripod, a small one if fine. I used a telephoto tripod but I have used different ones before. You will need something for your camera to sit on if you don't have one cause it's gonna be a long wait!

These lens don't go down to my perfect number but that's okay!! Here will be a quick little over view of what I would do if I had these lens again and how I set up my sony a7rii.

For these lens, I would suggest the following:

Manual Mode

F Stop: f/6.3

Shutter Speed: 40 seconds

Iso: 100/200

Autofocus ( though many will suggest manual focus)

If it is still light out I would suggest a FD filter (its basically sunglasses for your lens)

My Settings that I had ( I did adjust during the fireworks a bit to make sure I kept the color) You do not want to have blown out fireworks.

Manual Mode

F Stop: f/8-9

Shutter Speed: 30 second

Iso: 80-125