Ya know? (I probably say that a little to much 😅)

Its new year new me right? I was ready for a studio update because I was just honestly bored with it. I took weeks looking at Pinterest boards trying to figure out what my mind was trying to tell me. If you asked my husband it drove me crazy it really did though.

Before we came to this setup (this is only half the room) we moved it around probably 4 times prior and the couch aint the lightest either. I can say its totally was worth it thought. I am such a visual person and have to see it before I know if ill love it.

We found this beautiful bed off market place. It needed some handy work (thank god for my husband) He can fix anything! We grabbed a beautiful circle mirror from TJ Maxx becase I did not want to wait on Amazon and pretty much everything else outside of adding a few more lights was previous purchased. I have dropped more photos below of this amazing update. I will include out amazon store front link below too to find our favorites of the studio.