Meet the Team: The Fab 3 of Ashlee Jo Photography

Welcome to Ashlee Jo Photography, Arkansas’ Premier Boudoir Photographer for Women!  

We get it - showing up for a boudoir photoshoot can feel a teensy bit vulnerable. So, let’s ease those jitters by introducing everyone you’ll meet during your photoshoot. And don’t worry - there are only a few of us (aka The Fab 3!), and we’re an all-female team here!

When you strut through our studio doors, we want it to feel like a reunion with your besties!

Consider this your VIP pass to meet our squad. When you strut through our studio doors for a photoshoot, we’re your biggest cheerleaders. So, let’s become besties now!

Arkansas boudoir photographer, Ashlee Jo Baerga, posing in lingerie by brick wall in photo studio

Meet Ashlee - Owner & Lead Photographer

Hey, hey! I'm Ashlee, the heart and soul behind our mission at Ashlee Jo Photography. As the owner and lead photographer, I've made it my mission to create a space where women can celebrate themselves, appreciate their bodies, and feel empowered AF! 

In this day and age, our world is always go, go, go. As women, we’re hunkered down with daily tasks to care for others.

Ask me how I know. (Wife, Momma, Entrepreneur Here!)

With all the care and love we pour into others, it’s crucial to take time for self-care, celebrate ourselves, and invest back into ourselves - because we f-ing deserve it!

My motto is, “Celebrate the little things, even if they seem so minute to you. They might actually be a huge accomplishment and inspire others!”

Always a student of life, I recently earned my makeup license! Now, I can help with hair and makeup touchups for clients, if there is ever a need for it! My point in telling you this? Because this wasn't something I needed to do. I wanted to. I invested in myself. Why? Because I f-ing deserve to. Period. And you deserve to too!

Personally, I’m so fucking proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’ve been working my tail off behind the scenes, revamping SO much of the studio. And I have a long list of goals and milestones I’m excited to reach in 2024! 

Arkansas boudoir photographer, Ashlee Jo Baerga, posing in lingerie and blazer jacket in her studio

Introducing Morgan - Assistant Extraordinaire & Hype Girl

Now, let's talk about Morgan, the force to be reckoned with on our team. Morgan doesn't just assist - she empowers!

I’ve watched Morgan come out of her shell the last couple of years, and man, it’s awesome to see! Since overcoming her insecurities about being shy and modest, she’s been there - done that - and is here to help you shake off your nerves. 

She’s been the shy girl during a boudoir photoshoot. So, she knows exactly how to make clients feel comfortable and powerful. She brings comfort and relatability to the table, and every client raves about her helping them feel at ease. 

Morgan is your cheerleader, hype girl, and the secret ingredient to making you feel like an empowered badass. She helps with posing, keeps lingerie in place as you move around, and makes sure makeup and hair are flawless during shoots. 

Morgan ensures your experience is comfortable AND transformative from start to finish.

three photos of boudoir photographer assistant working with clients and posing for her own session

Meet Marlana - Hair and Makeup Artist

Last but certainly not least, meet Marlana - our go-to gal for all things hair and makeup!

Marlana is the ultimate goofball (in the absolute best way) with a zen calming energy. 

If she were a math equation, she’d be: Fun + Zen = Marlana

But she's not just great to be around; she’s ultra-talented and an entrepreneur as well! 

On weekends, she’s usually busy doing bridal makeup for her own business, looksbymarlana .

But on weekdays, you’ll usually find her hanging out with us!

Since she’s used to working with brides (hello, stress!), she’s a natural at helping clients relax. It’s almost like she brings her own chill vibe with her into the studio, and it’s transmuted to clients. Seriously - our clients pick up on it and instantly relax with her.

Her hair and makeup talent enhances and celebrates your natural beauty - all packaged up in a pampering experience.

photos of hair and makeup artist in arkansas boudoir photography studio with client

Are We Besties Now?!

And there you have it! The Fab 3 behind Ashlee Jo Photography! 

We hope this sneak peek helped you feel like you know us a bit more.

We’re an all-female crew and keep every session private and intimate. Annnnd, you’ll probably leave with 3 new besties!

If you've got any burning questions, don't be shy - reach out! We’d love to hear from you! 

Ready to kick 2024's butt and make it a year to remember? 

A boudoir photoshoot that screams "badass" is definitely one way to do that! 
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Ashlee, Morgan & Marlana