Why I went back to a minimalist Boudoir studio

I live in a tiny two bedroom apartment on a military base overseas, the room i use is literally the tiniest thing ever. I think it is about 9x11 including the closest. I honestly can't stand it but hey we gotta make things work to do the stuff we love right?!

That has made me try everything from a crazy boho setup to barely anything at all. I literally have a couch, rug and that's it!! I have used savage backdrops on the wall, I'll tag the one I use in this studio, I love the dark grey wall but painting when you move every three years can be crazy. I use an air mattress for my bed so it's packed away in the closet so its not in the way. The couch I grabbed from a local thrift store in japan called second street but amazon does have something similar so I'll tag it below.

Outside of the mini couch, I could literally pack up my whole studio and go! At least at our new studio in the DMV area later this year, I don't expect to move for a good 5 years so my walls will actually be dark grey!

Now let's get to it!! My favorite minimalist pieces for my tiny boudoir studio. PS! Most of these things you can add to your home too!

***Some links may give a small commission***