Already scheduled your shoot or thinking about a boudoir session? We can’t wait to share this experience with you! We’re here to drop in and give you a couple tips to help you prepare for your big day.

This will be a workout, be mentally prepared to work your butt off!

Your body will be in poses that it normally is not in, which can be a workout! Make sure to do some stretching before you head over!

Don’t wear a bra!

Come in loose-fitting clothing so that when we get started, you don’t have any lines on your skin! Clothing lines can sometimes take the whole length of the shoot to go away, so it’s best to ditch the bra and jeans, and bring comfy socks or slippers so you can take your shoes off when you get there!

Don’t forget the accessories, heels, and jewelry!

With the busyness of packing don’t forget your heels, jewelry, and other accessories. foryour boudoir shoot! You can bring hairpieces, socks, or even men’s ties!

Eat (and caffeinate) before your boudoir shoot!

Eat before your shoot! I know this sounds scary, but I promise you, a little bloat from eating before your shoot will NOT be noticeable in your photos! And your body (and mind) will need some extra strength!

Relax and Get a Goodnight Rest!

Start your self-care early, and run a bath, play your favorite tunes, and light some candles. Try to get to bed early so you wakeup feeling your best.

The “Do Not” list.

These are a couple don’t that might negatively affect your session that I like to bring up!

– Do not go tanning (spray or real) sooner than 2 days before your session. (Go to someone you know and trust)

– Do not drink alcohol, either before or during your shoot.

– Do not come with your hair greasy! This will make it really hard to style and it won’t hold. We always suggest coming with fresh clean dried hair for the best results (no wet hair please, this will take time away from your shoot).

Get organized the night before!

Take the time to pack your bag for the day so that you don’t have to worry about it when you wake up. Lay out your outfit, pack a snack, and bring anything else you think you might need.