Which Boudoir Background Is Right For You?

Take a Virtual Tour of Our ARKANSAS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY Studio!

One of your biggest decisions for your boudoir photoshoot is which background or “boudoir set design” you’ll want. And since things are always changing around here, plus the studio is gigantic, I put together this visual guide to showcase each set. 

But before we dive into the photo tour, here’s a little photography lingo lesson!

When I use the word “boudoir set,” I’m referring to the background (and dedicated area in our studio) for a specific look and vibe.

Okay, movin’ on.

Our boudoir sets fall into two main categories listed below. And, of course, we have one wild child, the neon set, by special request only. 

Our Classic (Most Popular) Boudoir Sets:

  • Main Room (aka Bedroom Boudoir Set)
  • Indoor Rain Room Set
  • The Onyx (Bondage Set)
  • Outdoor Set
  • The Wicked Garden
  • VW Bus (Ms. Frizle) - COMING SOON!

Special Occasional & Themed Boudoir Shoot Sets:

  • Bridal Boudoir
  • Valentines Day Set
  • Halloween Boudoir
  • Christmas 

Neon Boudoir

  • By special request only

Now, let’s take a virtual stroll through the studio together! starting with our main set!

bedroom boudoir photography set in central arkansas photo studio

All of these spaces/areas are available in our Main Set/Bedroom Set Area!!

Main Boudoir Room / Bedroom Set

Our Main Boudoir Set (also referred to as the Bedroom Set) is hands down the most popular because it has SO much to work with.

** I’m brainstorming a new name for this space. If you’ve got any suggestions, lemme know! **

The Main Boudoir Set is more of an open-concept studio apartment where you have access to a living room, bedroom, and bath all at once!

Set Design: 

  • Our signature green couch
  • Bed (with several bedding color options to choose from)
  • Mantle area with boho rugs
  • Bathtub - white clawfoot tub with macrame wall art. 
  • Tall and Layered Mirrors with Edison bulb lighting

We created ALL of the boudoir photos below in our main room / bedroom set! It's SO versatile!

boudoir photos in our Central Arkansas boudoir photo studio - featuring the green couch in the main set

Our Signature Green Couch!

boudoir photos in our Central Arkansas boudoir photo studio - featuring the mantle and boho rug area of main bedroom set
boudoir photos in our Central Arkansas boudoir photo studio featuring the mirror area of main bedroom boudoir photo set

Indoor Rain Room Boudoir Set 

Ready to get wet and wild? Our Indoor Rain Room Boudoir Set can help you fulfill all your wettest fantasies! 

Our rain room is our second most requested boudoir set, and am so proud to say, a completely unique design set our competitors have tried to mimic. 

Set Design Info:

This space is all indoors, black background set with controlled overhead rainfall. The photos can look so different depending on what you wear. 

Our rain room boudoir photos are so HOT, they’re like setting fire to the rain!

photos of woman in lingerie in Arkansas boudoir photoshoot in our signature Indoor Rain Room Set Design

The Onyx Set (Bondage Boudoir)

Looking for something a little edgier? Our bondage room, called The Onyx, is the perfect safe space to feel empowered while exploring your bondage fantasies.

Set Design Info:

The Onxy is luxurious!! It’s fully decked out with black walls, lush red curtains, black bedding, and all the best props for teasing and pleasing. We have whips, chokers, chains, and, of course, the main attraction - the spreader. 

** I want to reiterate that this is a super fun set but also a safe space. Every moment will be demonstrated to make sure you feel safe and empowered. We’re an all-female team fully supportive of SA survivors, including myself. **

Onyx Bondage Boudoir Photography Set Design of Ashlee Jo Boudoir Photography
bondage style boudoir photography of woman in Central Arkansas boudoir photostudio wearing black lingerie

Outdoor Boudoir Set 

Are you more of an outdoorsy gal who loves nature? We have a perfect outdoor location we’ll take you to! 

Set Design Info:

Since we’re in Central Arkansas and get alllll the seasonal weather, these sessions are available with weather permitting. That typically ranges from late Spring to early Autumn. 

** I don’t disclose the location online, to ensure the safety and privacy of our clients. But I’m happy to talk over all the details if it’s the set you decide to go with. **

outdoor boudoir photos of red hed woman wearing black lingerie in Central Arkansas

The Wicked Garden 

Want to be whisked away to a witchy tropical oasis? The Wicket Garden boudoir set is our newest addition...and IT. IS. STUNNING!

Set Design Info:

This unique set is our rain room meets a tropical island. It has a black waterproof background, black tub, lush plants, and foliage. And if you want to get a little wet and wild, we can add rain to this set, too!

boudoir photos of woman in red lingerie posing in black tub with lushious green plants in Arkansas boudoir studio

VW Bus Boudoir Set (Ms. Frizle) - Coming Soon!!

Where are my hippies? Jump into Ms. Frizle, turn up Janis Joplin, and let’s vibe with your inner flower child. All peace, love, and rock and roll style! 

Set Design Info:

The VS Bus Boudoir set will be on the backside of my studio. It’s still under construction but will be fully shag-tastic and groovy!

We anticipate this set to be available this Spring (April-May 2024).  Stay tuned!

yellow volkswagen bus that will be used as a boudoir photography background set for Arkansas boudoir photographer

Special Occasiona and Themed Boudoir Sets

We love to celebrate special occasions for our clients. And if you want to play dress up, act out a role, and be extra creative, our themed holiday sets are so much fun! 

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir photos can be scheduled year-round, but since they take a little extra planning, they fall into the “special occasion” category. Most brides choose the Main Room / Bedroom Set for their bridal boudoirs to maximize variety!

Learn more about our bridal boudoir sessions here.

Central Arkansas bridal boudoir photography images of two brides posing in lingerie and wedding veil

Themed Boudoir Sets

We typically offer our themed boudoir sets two months before the holiday. For example, if you want a Christmas boudoir shoot, we will photograph you in September or October.

  •  It’s never too early to schedule a themed boudoir shoot, but it can often be too late. 
  • If you’re interested in a themed shoot, shoot us a message any time of the year, and we’ll get you the info you need.
  • In the meantime, check out this post, where we give ya a little cheat sheet about scheduling and timelines!

Valentines Day Set 

  • Queue the hearts, candy, and red lingerie!
Valentines Day Boudoir Photos of women in Central Arkansas photoshoots wearing red lingerie

Halloween Boudoir Set

  • Spooky skulls, scream masks, and fake blood? Bring it on!
Halloween Boudoir Photos of women wearing black lingerie with fake blood and spooky masks and skulls as props

Christmas Boudoir Set

  • Who’s on the nice list? Or would you prefer to be on the naughty list?! 
Christmas boudoir photos of women wearing red lingerie on green couch and bed in Arkansas photo studio

Neon Boudoir Set: By Special Request Only

Want something completely unique, playful, and messy as hell?! This is it!

Our Neon Boudoir Set is truly a work of art. No, seriously. Because we know how much paint gets thrown around, we hang a canvas in the set during your photoshoot, and you get to take it home at the end of your session!

Set Design Info: 

We use a special black light-activated paint for our neon boudoir sets. You’ll have access to our client closet, which includes neon lingerie, and as a special touch, we can create a neon hair and makeup look as well! 

As you can imagine, these are messy, but OH.SO.FUN!

This isn’t a set we keep up year-round, but if it’s something you’re interested in, by all means, let us know!

neon paint boudoir photos taken by Ashlee Jo Photography in Central Arkansas
neon paint boudoir photos taken by Ashlee Jo Photography in Central Arkansas

Now that I’ve shared all the different Boudoir Photography Sets, which is your fave?

Are you an indecisive type who can’t pick just one boudoir set? Don’t sweat it. 

We offer add-on sets for an additional fee, which we can discuss during your second planning session.

Because if you want it, we’ll find a way to make it happen!

At Ashlee Jo Photography, our goal is to create a safe space for everyone. And that all begins with our first consultation call (which is free, btw.)

We’ll have a free chat to make sure we’re a good fit to work with each other, and if it’s a green light, we’ll start the planning process!

Don't be shy! If you’re ready to chat about your 2024 Boudoir Photoshoot, drop us a message below, and we’ll be in touch!

You’ve got this!

XO,  Ashlee & Team