Meet Ms. Frizzle: My Dream VW Van Turned Boudoir Studio

I’m so excited to share a special part of my photography journey with y’all. As many of you know, I've always had a soft spot for vintage vibes. And that love of vintage started for me as a child! (Stick around, I’m sharing a young Ashlee photo with ya!)

I recently made one of my dreams to life by renovating a classic Volkswagen Van (lovingly referred to as Ms. Frizzle or The Bootie Shag Wagon). She’s now a central piece in my boudoir photoshoots for vintage, hippie-loving babes like me!

Let me take ya on a little trip down memory lane to show you how this passion project came to be. I swear I manifested her, and I’ll share some recent client shoots with Ms. Frizzle!

outdoor boudoir photos of women beside 1969 yellow vw van in arkansas

A Childhood Obsession: How My Love for VW Vans Started

As a kid, my family and I spent many weekends camping, surrounded by a community of “vanners.” I loved the free-spirited vibe those iconic “shag-wagons” seemed to hold. And the groovy interiors were so freakin’ cool!

My favorites were always the classics: the '66-'68 Ford Econoline, the '70 Dodge Vans, and the '69 Volkswagen Van. 

As fate would have it, I ended up with the 1969 Volkswagen Van, which I have to admit is funny...

given the sexual innuendo of “69” since it’s literally a part of my boudoir studio now! Hey, a win is a win!

Here’s a throwback photo of me beside one of those vintage vans as a kid. Man, those were the days, weren’t they?

Manifesting and Renovating the Van: A Passion Project Come to Life

Fast-forward to last fall (September 2023). While randomly scrolling through Facebook Marketplace, I stumbled upon a VW bus in Memphis. It was quite a drive, but I was determined to make it mine.

After negotiating with the seller, my husband and I got a car hauler and picked her up the following Saturday morning. When I saw the van in person, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

It was a long ass day driving to Memphis and back, but it felt good to start something I’d been dreaming of since childhood. It was REALLY HAPPENING! Eeeek!

The absolute CHILDLIKE JOY I felt in this moment is truly unmatched! This was the day we picked up Ms. Frizzle!

Once we got her home, the renovation process was immediately underway. I can proudly say that everything was restored by hand by me, my husband, and my papaw (bless his heart!) 

From stripping the paint, fixing rusty areas, welding a new floor, and re-painting it a vintage-inspired yellow, every step was a labor of love.

Here are some photos of the renovation process that show just how far this beauty has come!

It felt really good knowing that we brought something back to life.

Capturing Magic: Boudoir Photoshoots in the VW Van

Since completing the renovation, Ms. Frizzle (aka the Bootie Shag Wagon) has already received lots of compliments and had her day in the spotlight! In March 2024, I hosted my first styled shoot with other vendors and models. It was a dream come true to see my labor of love, Ms. Frizzle, living her best life.

The van's versatility can match any vibe you want for your boudoir photoshoot.

Whether you're looking for a playful retro session, something rock-and-roll, or a sex goddess vibe with records and black lingerie, we can do it!

Pretty much any time between Spring and Autumn is ideal for photoshoots in Ms. Frizzle. So, get your booties over here already!

boho couples photos at boudoir photo studio with 1969 vw van
boudoir photos of woman wearing cutoff shorts and cowboy boots outdoors in front of 1969 vw van
boudoir photos of woman in front of 1969 vw van outdoors at arkansas boudoir photo studio ashlee baerga

Want to take boudoir photos in the VW Van, Ms. Frizzle, aka the Bootie Shag Wagon? 

Get in touch below, and let’s chat about making YOUR dreams come to life!