Makeup by Andrea Duncan MUA

How did you hear about AJP?

FB group

How did you feel leading up to your Boudoir Session?

I was nervous early on after initially booking then had time to box those nerves up while waiting on session. Got my reminder on my calendar about a week out and still didnt think much about the upcoming session however when my final reminder popped up the morning of the session, I became immediately nervous and nausea set in along with thoughts of 'oh what have I decided to do?'.

How did you feel during your boudoir session?

I was really uncomfortable for a long time, not with the setting or with Ashlee or Andrea but the fact that I was getting all glammed up and that is just not something that I do. I'm totally a tee short, shirts and flip flops with no make up with my hair in a bun or hat. I was really really uncomfortable with being in lingerie and having photos taken. I noticed my lingerie was twisted and Ashlee was helping me with that and all of sudden it was like no nerves at all. There was another moment later in the session when I needed to get further out of my comfort zone and i paused for a second while Ashlee was adjusting the sheet and just really heard what she was saying at that moment and there was that comfortable feeling again.

What was your favorite part about your session?

My favorite part was actually looking at the photos that Ashlee had just taken. It was such an amazing moment for me. I was looking at these mages and seeing these beautiful images and then realized, holy sh#t, that is me.

How did you feel after your boudoir session?

I feel great about the experience!!!! I was telling my husband I can't wait to book a couples session and I was as so excited, which he could hear I my voice.. He said to me, I'm glad you finally are able to see yourself, how I see you.

One or two words to describe how you felt when you saw your final images?

The one that was sent the next day is all I've seen, to date but I was totally blow away.

Did they have a favorite pose or outfit?

Black lingerie I wore

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about doing a session?

Book a session!!! If there is any doubt in your mind that you are not beautiful or sexy you are very wrong. You will see these images immediately after the shoot and realize what a beautiful person you. It is totally different than looking in a mirror or at photo that is snapped at a BBQ. You are beautiful in those but seeing these will show you a completely different perspective.