How to Prepare for YourBoudoir Photos + Free Checklist!

So you’re ready to book a boudoir photoshoot with us, but have questions. I get it. There’s a lot that goes into our luxury boudoir experience. 

In this blog post, I'll be your guide, breaking down everything you need to know from the moment you send that first inquiry to the time you’re strutting your stuff in our studio! Our luxury boudoir experience is all about making you feel prepared and excited every step of the way.

Are you a bit OCD at planning? Perfect! I’m sharing a checklist at the end which is perfect as a visual reminder of when to schedule appointments and what to pack. 

So grab your favorite beverage and get cozy as I walk you through our boudoir photography process!

collage of luxury boudoir photos of women in lingerie in arkansas photo studio showing how to prepare for photos

Step One: Discovery Call with Ashlee

The first step to working together is to see if we’re a good fit. As crazy as it might sound, we don’t photograph everyone who sends an inquiry. We want to ensure we’re working with women we’re a good fit for and vice versa. 

You can schedule your free call by filling out the contact form here or by texting the word BOUDIE at 888-415-5009. 

During your phone call, the first thing I’ll ask is for you to tell me your why - why you want to have boudoir photos taken in the first place. This gives me some insight into your life story and how I can tailor a boudoir session to fit you and help you feel empowered during your session. This is one of my favorite parts, if I’m honest. I love learning about people, and I’ve heard some incredible life stories during the discovery call process. 

This is a two way conversation though, so it’s also your chance to ask me questions to make sure you’ll feel comfortable with me. I’m an open book, so please don’t hold back. I want you to feel as comfortable with me as you would with your best friend. So ask away!

If you’re ready to book a boudoir session at the end of our call, we’ll send over a contract and you’ll pay a session retainer to reserve your date! And then, we start planning! 

Step Two: Let’s Plan Your Boudoir Session!

This is where the magic happens, and your dream boudoir session starts taking shape. I want to know all the nitty gritty details about your preferences, so we can plan a customized photoshoot just for you! 

I’ll send over a playful and personalized questionnaire so you can let us know how daring you want to go, how you want your hair and makeup styled, what boudoir set you want, and even what music gets you hyped!  

Your answers to the questionnaire is the secret sauce that helps my team and me understand your vibe inside and out. We want you to feel like you're hanging out with your besties, cheering you on every step of the way. 

When you walk into the studio, you wont’ feel like you’re meeting strangers. It’ll feel like you’re hanging out with your best girlfriends, cheering you on and hyping you up every step of the way! And just so you're EXTRA comfortable with us, we've ALL had our boudoir photos taken too. So we know exactly how you feel and will make sure you look and feel ahhhh-mazing!

luxury boudoir photos of women in lingerie in central arkansas boudoir photo studio

Step Three: Helpful Emails

Keep an eye on your inbox in the weeks leading up to your session. We’ll send over helpful emails to help you prep for your big day with us! These emails are really just reminders in case you need them on how to arrive to the studio and guidelines for hair, makeup, and we’ll send over a timeline for your day as well.

Step Four: It’s Boudoir Session Day, Gorgeous! 

The day you’ve been waiting for is here! When you walk through our studio doors, you’ll be greeted by yours truly and meet my fabulous team. We’ll give you a quick tour of the studio so you feel right at home, and then get you a cozy robe to slip into for hair and makeup styling.

While you’re getting camera ready, I’ll personally handpick around 10 outfits from our client closet referring to your preferences. But hey, if you’ve got some favorite lingerie pieces of your own, feel free to bring them along too. 

Once you’re finished in hair and makeup and slaying in your first outfit of the day, it’s time to kickstart your luxury boudoir session! Typically sessions run anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, but can go a little longer. I keep shooting until I KNOW I’ve captured exactly what you want, exactly how you envisioned!

luxury boudoir photos of woman in red lingerie in rain room in central arkansas photo studio

Step Five: Same-Day Image Selection

Who's got time to wait around? Not you, gorgeous! Right after your session, it's time for the moment you've been waiting for – SAME DAY image viewing! 

You'll get to see all those stunning photos right away and pick out your favorites. The photos won’t be edited, so if you have places you’d like some touch ups, this is the time to let us know. But that’s not all! You’ll also get to see our luxury jaw-dropping products in person too. 

Our luxury boudoir photo albums? Exquisite. Our retro viewfinder? Oh-so-fun and fully customizable with YOUR sexy images!

Step Six: Time to Unwrap Your Goodies! 

Oh, the anticipation is real! When your final print products arrive, we double-check everything for quality control in our studio before shipping them right to your doorstep!

As you unwrap your goodies, my hope is that you see the gorgeous, empowered, badass woman that I saw in the studio. And know that it was an absolute privilege holding and creating a safe space for you to reconnect with your divine feminine side!



boudoir photos of women in lingerie showing how to prepare for boudoir photos with arkansas boudoir photographer



Are you a bit OCD with planning? Honestly, same! 

I love a good checklist to keep myself organized!

Feel free to print this out and keep it handy as you prepare for your session. If any questions pop up along the way, no worries! We're here for you every step of the way. Reach out anytime, and we’ll happily answer any questions before or after your session. 

Mindset & Mental Prep:

  • Set intentions and remember your “why” for wanting to do this. You’re worth it, you deserve it, and I can’t wait to help you see a whole new side of yourself!
  • Wear sexy lingerie at home in the days leading up to your session to get comfortable and in tune with your divine, sexy, feminine self! 
  • Remember that it’s okay (and expected) to feel nervous. But you’re gonna do great, and you’ll have me and my all female team members to cheer you on!

Skin Prep:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your session. It’ll give your skin an extra boost of hydration. It also helps with a flawless makeup application.
  • Treat yourself to a really good moisturizing lotion. Lather every inch of your body daily for the week before your session. Your skin will be glowing in your photos!

Shaving & Waxing:

  • If you typically shave, do this the morning of your session.
  • If you prefer to wax, schedule your appointment a few days before your session so the redness will be gone before your session. 


  • Consider treating yourself to a mani/pedi appointment a few days before your session. Your hands and feet will be visible in most photos.
  • Nail color: You know your style, so go with whatever you feel comfortable with.

Pack Early:

  • Pack your go-bag 1-2 days before your session so you don’t worry about it the night before.
  • You’re welcome to wear lingerie from our extensive client closet. But if you want to bring your own outfits, we suggest laying them out with any accessories you want to bring. Common accessories are heels, jewelry, hair pieces, socks, or even a man’s tie! If you’re unsure, pack it, and we’ll help you narrow things down during your session. Please keep in mind that we don’t photograph costumes or props.
  • If you want a specific snack, or have dietary needs, toss a little snack in your bag.
  • If you plan to go out or do a date night or girls' night after your session, pack your “going out outfit” and shoes!


  • The day of your session is so much fun. But we want you to FEEL energized! Photoshop and editing can fix a lot, but it can’t fix tired.
  • Plan to have a relaxing evening and go to bed earlier than normal the night before your session. 
  • Go to bed earlier than usual and drink water so you’re hydrated!

Day of Your Session:

  • Eat breakfast! You’ll be working your butt off during your session. Trust me on this one!
  • Caffeinate and hydrate. Yes to the coffee and yes to the water! 
  • Shower and shave (if you don’t wax.)
  • Moisturize well (entire body, face, and hands.)
  • Arrive with clean and dry hair. Greasy hair is hard to work with and won’t give the best results. So we ask that you wash and fully dry your hair the day of your session.
  • Wear loose clothes (bra-less) to the studio to prevent lines and indents on your skin. We’ll give you a nice robe to slip into during hair/makeup. 
  • Pro Tip: If you plan to go out after your session, pack something nicer to wear on your way out the door. Afterall, you’ll still be all dolled up and feeling sexy as hell! So you might as well make a whole night of it!

Appointment Schedule:

  • Hair cut, color, highlights, or root touch-ups: 1-2 weeks before session.
  • Manicure/Pedicure: A few days before your session.
  • Wax (body and eyebrows): A few days before your session.
  • Tanning (spray or real): At least 3-5 days before your session. We only recommend going to someone you know and trust from a previous experience!

Ready to Schedule Your Free Call? Drop us a line below!

how to prepare for boudoir photos guide from arkansas boudoir photographer for women