Hey, hey, gorgeous! Wondering what lingerie to wear for your boudoir photoshoot? You’re in the right place!

My first piece of advice is - don’t let the words “lingerie” and “boudoir photos” feel intimidating. 

Sure, you probably don’t walk around in lingerie everyday. And sure, you don’t have boudoir photos taken everyday. But don’t stress it - embrace it and have fun!

Now if you’re coming in for a shoot with us - we walk you through every. single. step. We’re talking hair, makeup, and yes - what lingerie to wear for your boudoir shoot. I’ll share more on our process later. 

But first, I’m 6 tips on how to choose the best lingerie for your boudoir photos! 

  • Wear lingerie that makes you feel good in!
  • Choose form-fitting lingerie.
  • Opt for colors that match the vibe you're after.
  • Emphasize your favorite ass-ets!
  • Minimize your least favorite parts.
  • Think outside the box!
african american woman wearing black lingerie in boudoir photoshoot with green couch

ONE: Do a Vibe Check When You Try On Lingerie. Do You Feel Confident & Sexy?

Boudoir photoshoots are designed to make you feel empowered, sexy, and confident AF. So wear what you feel the most best in, because it will translate into your boudoir photos.

When you look good, you feel good. And when you know you’re looking FIRE, you’ll smash your session!

I have to give a shout out to Yosh, who killed her boudoir shoot! She does burlesque dancing, and we’ve known each other for two years, but even she had some nerves to work through. And she did! So don’t ever think you’re too nervous or timid to do boudoir photos. Everyone gets nervous, even professional dancers, and it’s totally normal. (I wrote all about that here, if you’re interested.)

TW0: Wear Form-Fitting Lingerie to Show Off Your Curves!

If there’s one thing you learn about us today - it’s that we LOVE CELEBRATING ALL BODIES! So ditch the baggy clothes for your boudoir photos and show off your curves. 

Of course there’s always exceptions to the rule - like wearing your partners button-down or jersey. But for the most part, stick with tighter, form-fitting lingerie pieces.

collage of boudoir photos showing how to choose best lingerie for boudoir photos

THREE: Choose Lingerie Colors to Match the Vibe & Aesthetic You’re After 

Pinterest girlies unite! We’ve gotta have a unified look. So as you’re deciding what aesthetic/vibe you’re after in your boudoir photos, choose colors to match the scene.


  • If you’re after a sultry, sexy, dominatrix vibe - think black, red, scrappy, and leather lingerie pieces! 
  • If you want a more soft and romantic feel, like bridal boudoir, go with white, ivory, and lacey lingerie. 

FOUR: EMPHASIZE Your Favorite Ass-ets!

Like I mentioned earlier - don’t let lingerie scare you! There are so many options and styles out there today. It’s there to emphasize all your best features. So think about your favorite body parts first, then look at lingerie to accentuate those parts.


  • Wanna highlight your legs? Strappy lingerie will draw the eye to your legs!
  • Love your ass? (You should!) Wear lingerie with a thong and pair it with some booty shots!
collage of boudoir photos of woman wearing black lacey lingerie - best lingerie for boudoir photos

FIVE: MINIMIZE Your Least Favorite Features

Let’s face it, we probably all have at least one part of our body we don’t want to highlight. And that’s totally normal. If it’s tricky for you to think about your favorite features, think about things you’d rather hide or minimize. 


  • Have loose skin you want to hide from weight loss or a c-section? No problem. Go with lingerie that has a full coverage belly area and/or higher waistband.
  • Want to conceal your arms or be more conservative? Long sleeves and sheer robes are great pieces for this!

SIX: Don’t Limit Yourself to ONLY Lingerie Pieces

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and spice things up a bit. Your boudoir photos should be a true representation of who you are. 


In our studio, we’re all up for collaborating with our clients. So don’t be shy or afraid to share your ideas with me. I’m all ears! No question is dumb. And *most* ideas aren’t too far fetched. Your boudoir photo experience should be fun and unique - so share your ideas with me!

collage of boudoir portraits of woman in black lacey lingerie posing on bed and beside mirror - central arkansas

Now that you’ve got my best tips on how to choose the best lingerie for your boudoir photos - if you want us to handle all of the work for you, we do just that! 

All boudoir shoots in our studio are an intimate, full-service experience. We’re all all female crew and have over 300 lingerie items you can borrow for your boudoir photos. Of course you’re welcome to bring your own lingerie, OR do both, like Yosh did in her session. One of her outfits came from our client closet and the other was from her personal collection.

How do I know what you’ll like? I’m a mind reader! Juuust kidding. 

Actually, I’ll send a questionnaire before your boudoir shoot to get a feel for your vibe, comfort level, and sizing. Your answers tell me everything I need to know to choose the right items for you!! 

I’ll bring out items when you’re in hair and makeup and we’ll have you narrow it down to about 5 lingerie pieces that catch your eye. From here, you’ll try it on and see what you love. If you only love one piece, that’s OKAY! 

Your boudoir photos aren’t about having 10 outfit changes. 

What’s most important is that you feel comfortable, sexy, and get the gorgeous photos you’re after!

Want to learn more about working together for your boudoir photoshoot? 

Shoot me a message here and we’ll start with a free chat to get to know each other.

how to choose best lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot - arkansas boudoir photography