As Mother's Day approaches, I always get my imaginary step stool out to shout words of encouragement and remind every woman that she’s SO much more than “just a mom.”

I’ve talked about it before, but I found boudoir photography through self-portraits as I tried to navigate loving my post-partum body after the birth of my son. 

The struggle is real for women to magically bounce back to their pre-baby bodies, which is totally unrealistic. 

So, whether you’ve had a baby a month ago or 20 years ago, I’d encourage you to stick around. Let this be your annual Mother’s Day Motivational Speech!

new mother celebrating her post-partum body with boudoir photos in central arkansas boudoir photo studio in black linger

The Therapeutic Collaboration: Boudoir Photoshoots and Post-Partum Bodies

My client in this post, Kaitlyn came to me looking for boudoir photos because she was trying to fall back in love with her post mom body. 

Like most women, Kaitlyn didn’t love every aspect of her body. But through a gentle, slow process, I could understand her hesitations and hangups. What we created together was a therapeutic collaboration toward self-love. We created a collection of beautiful, sexy, soul-nurturing photos that helped her return to herself.

I mean - look at her! Freaking. Gorgeous.

new mother wearing black lingerie to celebrate her postpartum body with boudoir photos in central arkansas studio

Busting Societal Norms: Motherhood Isn’t Your Identity

Boudoir photoshoots are just one way women are pushing back against societal “norms.” By rejecting the idea that women should be ashamed of their bodies unless it’s pleasing to a man, we’re reclaiming our worth, our sexuality, and who the F we are.

Here’s the thing, mama. Motherhood isn’t your identity. It’s just a slice of the pie that makes up the woman you are.

Being a mom, wife, businesswoman, childcare provider - that’s not your identity. That’s what you do and who you care for. Those titles don’t remove your sexuality, even if society tries to tell you otherwise. Fuck that noise. 

If you’re a mother, I’d challenge you to sit with this thought: 

“What societal norms have been handed to me when I became a mother? Does that feel good to the whole person I am?”

Really examine what was handed to you as a belief system and decide if it’s right for you.

new mother wearing black lingerie posing on green couch for boudoir photos embracing her new postpartum body

Celebrate and Embrace Your Changing Body

A pregnant body is often celebrated and seen as beautiful. It’s life-giving, afterall. But after the baby is born, the skin is a little loose, the tummy a little softer, and new stretch marks adorn the skin. 

The body you once knew is gone. But this isn’t a bad thing. 

It’s just NEW. It’s changing. Just like you!

I had body dysmorphia and severe post-partum depression after the birth of my son. But with time, I could see my body differently and actually LOVE it.

Ya know what I think is even sexier than my pre-baby body? 

The softness of the skin across my belly. It’s only that soft because it grew and shrank.

The stretchmarks across my breasts? Those are reminders that my body is a warrior.

If I had a c-section scar, you best believe I’d be showing that one off!

My point? You’re going to have your body for the rest of your life. It’s never going to revert back, but it will continue to change.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the grace you’d give to a friend. The sooner you can see your body as beautiful, the happier the rest of your life will be.

And remember - you’re more than a mom. You’re a whole, complicated, beautiful, SEXUAL human being, too.

boudoir photos of a new mom celebrating her postpartum body in central arkansas portrait studio

Not Convinced Just Yet? Need Boudoir Inspo? I’ve Got You!

One thing I’m always saying is, “Everybody has a boudoir body!” And I absolutely, 1000% stand by that!

Check out this blog post to see women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds looking sexy as hell!

This babe is a mom over 40, rocked her session in sneakers, and fully embraced her sexuality!

Want the deets on the boudoir sets we have? They’re all listed here!

However you celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t forget to celebrate the powerful, beautiful woman you’ve become in ADDITION to being a mother.

XO, Ashlee