Meet The Photograph | Ashlee Baerga

I am Ashlee Jo Baerga, the owner of Ashlee Jo Photography. My sole purpose with this business to build a life changing boudoir experience for you. I want to empower you from behind the lens and tell you YES, YOU FUCKING GOT THIS! That your body is bold and beautiful! That societies norms should not dictate how you hold and carry yourself! That you are worthy! You ARE beautiful! And you deserve to noticed and admired! Boudoir is an experience that everyone should go through at least once, my business is my heart and soul, and I want to make sure that these photos are tribute of your beauty and experience.

This brand ambassador program just isn't about showing beautiful women in lingerie, it's about sharing their stories with all of you.

Stephanie Calderon | Brand Ambassador

I’m Stephanie Calderon and I’m one of Ashlee Jo Photography’s Brand Ambassadors.

Before I became her brand ambassador I was a client who had paid for a shoot with her to have a boudoir experience. I shopped around, asked for quotes, and finally, I determined that Ashlee was the service I wanted. I was nervous, anxious, and didn’t know what would happen. After shooting with her I felt exhilarated and empowered. 

I saw that Ashlee was looking for a brand ambassador so I applied. I applied because I wanted to help empower other people. I wanted to share my story and own the narrative that came with my body and photos. I have scars and stretch marks that show my transition from girlhood to motherhood. I’ve dealt with stereotypes and unrealistic body ideals, I’ve survived domestic violence and assault.

You control the narrative of your life. When you take these photos don’t be afraid to bare your soul and celebrate the gorgeous person you are. You’ve earned this, you deserve to be celebrated.

Shyanne Schneider | Brand Ambassador

One day I was scrolling through Facebook and I seen Ashlee’s post on applying to be a brand ambassador. It jumped out at me and stayed in my head all day. I thought I’m to fat to do things like this. She wouldn’t pick me even if I did why apply. Then I said screw it. If I can manage to land this spot maybe just maybe I’ll find some more confidence in my self and be able to support other people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin. When I got that email saying I was accepted I couldn’t had been more excited. Now I couldn’t thank Ashlee enough for this amazing opportunity. She showed me that a little tiger stripes and some extra pounds doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. She brought back the confidence that’s been long gone for quiet some time. My hope is that through my ambassador experience I changed at least one ladies mind about her body. Gave her that boost she need to sign up and find that she to was sexy even if she thought otherwise.

Erin MacEachern | Brand Ambassador

I chose to apply for brand ambassador when I felt like I was at my lowest. I had lost my son less than a year before, my body was all crazy and I just didn't feel beautiful. I met Ashlee and we got to talking, it wasn't hard for me to convince myself to try. I wanted to feel just as beautiful as all the other women I seen on her page. When we met for our first session I was sure that I was going to fail epically! We went over her over 200+ piece client closet and had hair and makeup done, then she was showing me poses and I laughed thinking about my body contouring like that. But once I got moving it was like liquid! It flowed. She never made me feel self conscious, or insecure. I knew I made the right decision. Almost a year later and I am so excited for our last session, I am so sad its ending, but so proud of how far I came. Thank you so much Ashlee for giving me this chance to feel like a gorgeous seductive woman.