Curious to know how boudoir photos could lift you out of a funk, even when everything else in your life seems to be off-kilter? Well, wonder no more.

Today, I'm thrilled to share Danielle's inspiring story! She's a fighter, resilient as hell, and a badass woman I'm happy to have in my corner of friends/clients!

three boudoir photos of brunette woman posing in black lingerie in central arkansas boudoir photography studio

Boudoir Photos: From Defeated to Empowered (Danielle’s Story)

Whew, when I first met Danielle she was really going through it. Her back was against a wall, and not like the sexy one above.

She discovered her husband was having an affair (with her best friend) which led to an ugly divorce battle. And all of this happened while she was already undergoing multiple doctors appointments to find out what was medically going on with her. The weight of it all was taking its toll, and left her emotionally drained.

Countless visits to doctors, endless scans, and a roller-coaster of uncertainty led doctors to suspect she might be dealing with multiple sclerosis. Feeling defeated, and knowing I was a safe space, she turned to me and shared her story. She was ready for a confidence boost and to feel alive again. And boy did she get that…and then some with her boudoir photo session! We did AMAZING photos in our rain room...and she SLAYED!

boudoir photos of brunette woman wearing red lingerie in sexy poses in rain room of central arkansas photo studio

Boudoir Photos: From Defeated to Empowered

Danielle came in for boudoir photos because she needed uplifting. Between the constant medical appointments and the infidelity, she was mentally exhausted. And we were determined to lift her out of her funk. We went above and beyond to make her feel absolutely-fucking-amazing! 

Infidelity is tricky. It can really mess with your self-esteem, even if you’re usually confident. It can make you wonder what’s wrong with you or why you weren’t good enough. But the truth is, it’s never about you. When someone cheats, its usually because they’re unhappy with themselves.

In her review following the session, Danielle shared, "One of those smiles had been hidden since an assault four years ago. Thank you for helping me heal that part." 

Her words resonated deeply to me on a personal level, as I’m also a sexual assault survivor. Her story reminded me (again) of how damn lucky I am to help women heal through boudoir photos. Danielle walked in feeling pretty low and defeated, but left feeling empowered and like the badass fighter she is!

boudoir photos of brunette woman wearing cowboy boots and black lingerie

Danielle’s Victory

It’s been a year since I first met Danielle and took her gorgeous boudoir photos. And thankfully, her story is so much better than even she could’ve hoped for!

Multiple Sclerosis was not her final medical diagnosis. She’s still fighting with what’s considered an “invisible illness" which is fibromyalgia. Pain is everyday, but she’s able to manage it better now.

But that’s not all. She also left behind her cheating ex-husband and met her perfect soul mate! The difference I can see in her from a year ago to now is wild. She’s so much happier, lighter, and in love with life again!

Thank you, Danielle, for sharing your story with us, and trusting me to put some “spark” back into your life when you needed it.

boudoir photos of brunette woman in central arkansas boudoir photo studio

Boudoir photos won’t fix everything. But Danielle’s story just shows you they can give you a confidence boost no matter where you’re at in life. If you're interested, shoot us a message below, and we'll be in touch!

Ashlee Jo is a Central Arkansas boudoir photographer helping women reclaim their power, confidence, and feel amazing!