I can’t explain how excited I get when women, especially mothers, come in to celebrate themselves with boudoir photography. We live in a world where it’s almost expected that women put the needs of others before their own. But in my studio, we get to flip the script!

Today, I get to share the transformation of Christina. She came in nervous and you wouldn't guess that at all by looking at her photos! And can you believe she's over 40 and has two grown adult children?! I totally didn't believe her when she told me that. She. Looks. Incredible!

Like many of the women I work with, Christina felt nervous and excited for her photoshoot. And let me tell ya - that’s completely normal! My studio assistant, Morgan, calls this feeling “Nerve-i-cited!”

In this blog, I’ll share how we keep you out of your busy brain (self-conscious thoughts) and hype you up during your boudoir session! 

collage of boudoir photography images of woman wearing red and black lingerie in Arkansas photo studio
boudoir photos of woman over 40 years old wearing red lingerie for boudoir photoshoot

Seriously - look how HAPPY she is! She doesn't look nervous at all!!

Boudoir Photography: It’s Normal to Feel Nervous

There are three big feelings that come up before a boudoir photo session:

  • Nervous
  • Vulnerable
  • Excited

And, hey, I get it. Walking around in lingerie in front of a complete stranger would make anyone feel like that way (unless maybe you’re a professional model.) 

But here’s the thing - there is SO much power in pushing past those feelings. It means you’re doing something new, being brave, and showing up for yourself!

Our minds and bodies are hard-wired for comfort. So anytime we do something new, our minds try to protect us by bringing up uncomfortable feelings. But just keep in mind that if you’re feeling nervous before your boudoir shoot, you’re not alone, and it’s completely normal!

Christina sent me the sweetest message after her session.

She said, “I’m so glad that I took that first step and did this! I posted a picture to my Facebook page and so many people asked me why I would do such a thing. I’ve told everyone that’s asked, “Because I wanted to!” This experience has been about not letting fear hold me back. So that’s exactly why I did it. Absolutely no regrets! 

We’ll turn your vulnerability into the most liberating and empowering experience of a lifetime!

Wondering how we do that? By working quickly and my secret weapon - my studio assistant, Morgan!

arkansas boudoir photography images of woman wearing black lingerie posing against green leather couch

The Magic of Our Guided Boudoir Photography Sessions

Worried you won’t know how to pose or look sultry for your boudoir photos? No worries, babe. If you can you follow my lead, you’re golden! I’ll guide you through every single pose, down to your pinky. All you have to do is channel your inner badass and enjoy yourself! 

When I say I’m guiding you through each pose, I’m not joking! There are so many behind-the-scenes moments of me climbing on props and getting on my hands and knees to show clients EXACTLY what to do. This shows you that I’m not afraid to be silly and have fun. And it gets you out of your busy brain, so you don’t have time to feel self-conscious.

So, once your session starts, you’ll have me and my assistant Morgan to keep you out of your head and hyping you up!

Check out some fun behind the scenes videos of me working with clients here and here!

four boudoir photography images of woman over 40 wearing black lingerie for boudoir photoshoot
three boudoir photos of woman wearing red lingerie in Arkansas boudoir photography studio
boudoir photo of woman wearing black lingerie posing seductively on dark green leather couch in Arkanas photo studio

Meet Your Hype Woman, Morgan!

Did you know that you get two hype women during your photoshoot? That’s right! I’m the wild photographer climbing all over the studio, coming up with ideas for your shoot. And my right-hand woman, Morgan, helps bring it all together and calms any nerves you might have.

Morgan helps with all the little details of your shoot and keeps you out of your head. She’ll be beside you during the shoot to make sure your hair is on point, your makeup touch-ups are flawless, and you’re enjoying yourself. She’ll also remind you to breathe and let loose! (Checkout the photos of her working her magic below!)

One of Morgan’s favorite things to say is, “It’s okay to be NERV-I-CITED!” 

She mashed up the nervous and excited, because we hear it from so many clients, and it’s not become her signature phrase! 

Morgan and I have both been on the other side of the camera. So we both know how vulnerable it can feel to have boudoir photos taken. But we’ve also witnessed and helped women just like you experience the freeing and empowering transformation that comes from it!

photos of woman helping a client pose for her boudoir photoshoot
testimonial and photo of woman over 40 sharing how much she loved her boudoir photography shoot with ashlee jo photograp

Boudoir photography serves as a stepping stone for so many women to reconnect to the woman they are outside of the titles they have and the people they love. Just like Christina, a wife, mom, and mother of two adult children faced her fears - you can too!

If you’re interested in having a boudoir photoshoot but feeling a little nervous, it’s completely normal. But I’d love to invite you to have a free phone call with me. Just fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch.

Until then, you can learn more about our process here or connect with me on IG here.