5 Tips for a Sizzling Couples’ Boudoir Photoshoot

Hey, lovers! Ready to spice things up with your partner in 2024? A couple’s boudoir photoshoot is the perfect date night experience! One that’ll last you well beyond the “date.”

Spend the day with us, building anticipation to devour each other. By the time you leave, it’s up to you if you make it home or pull over for a makeout sesh!!

Now, getting your partner on board for a couples' boudoir photoshoot might raise a few eyebrows and spark some questions. But no worries! We make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

In this post, we’re covering 5 tips (and FAQs) that’ll ease your mind.

  • Getting your partner to say YES 
  • Get to know your photographer 
  • Setting expectations and boundaries
  • Calming nerves about posing
  • Setting the mood with music
man and woman in couples' boudoir photoshoot taken in Central Arkansas home

FAQs for Couples’ Boudoir Photoshoots: Answering Your Burning Questions

ONE: Getting Your Partner to Say YES to a Couples’ Boudoir Photoshoot

Some partners (especially men) can feel hesitant about doing a boudoir session. But that’s only because most boudoir photos we see are of women by themselves. Plenty of men actually do couples’ boudoir - they just aren’t shown as often. A quick search on Pinterest or Google, and you’ll have plenty of ammo to convince your partner! Better yet - just show them this blog post. Because, well, it's HOT AF!

And if you’re the partner being asked to participate - think about the photoshoot as the ultimate gesture of love. It’ll show your partner how much you mean to them and probably open the doors to exploring in the bedroom. Who wouldn’t want that?!?

TWO: Get to Know Your Boudoir Photographer

Schedule a free consultation and lets get you scheduled and chat about what your goals are out of our couples boudoir session.

Before your session during our second call "planning call," I’ll chat with you and your partner to make sure we’re all on the same page. My goal is to ease any anxiety by answering any questions either of you have before the big day!

Wanna learn more about me? Head here to read about me and my other (all-female) team members you’ll meet during your couples’ boudoir photoshoot! 

three photos of couples boudoir photoshoot taken in their Central Arkansas bedroom
THREE: Setting Boundaries and Expectations

The best way to feel comfortable doing anything new is to know what you’re getting yourself into. Am I right? 

When we plan your session, we’ll cover your level of comfort with intimacy, nudity, and vision for your shoot. Being as transparent as possible before your session is what’ll help you feel most relaxed during the photoshoot.

And don’t worry, we only move at your pace. We’re not going to jump straight into the most steamy poses. 

Just like a teenage makeout session in the backseat of your car, we’ll start at first base. 

FOUR: Calming Nerves about “Posing” 

Nervous about posing in your skivvies? This is SO common, even for solo boudoir shoots. But think of your session less as “posing” and more like “acting.” 

Here’s a FUN homework assignment:

Take an evening (or hell - take a whole day) with your partner and pretend you’re in a movie scene. Touch, caress, kiss, and make out. See how much fun you can have at home together without going all the way. 

Take it as a lesson in teasing -  because that’s EXACTLY what it’ll be like during your session. What happens after you leave the studio…well, that’s up to you!

four photos of man and woman in couples' boudoir photoshoot in their bedroom and living room taken in Central Arkansas
FIVE: Set the Mood with Music

Music is a total mood-setter. She's THE IT GIRL. So, to really spice your session up, bring in tunes that make you and your partner feel sexy as hell!

Want another fun assignment? Make a SEXY playlist with your partner. Use it for your session and for your lesson in "acting" I just listed above!

And if you’re unsure or need a little help, we’ll handle the music.

five tips for couples boudoir photoshoots featuring woman and man in their Arkansas home boudoir photoshoot

And that’s a wrap on creating the perfect couples’ boudoir photoshoot!

Date nights only go so far. But a couples boudoir photoshoot?
That’s an experience that you’ll remember for years to come! 

Couples boudoir photos can be done at any time, but they’re also great for special occasions to treat and celebrate each other.

We’re talking Valentine's Day, Engagements, Anniversaries, and JUST BECAUSE! 


Wanna chat about creating a personalized couples’ boudoir photoshoot? 

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