3 Reasons Boudoir Photo Shoots are for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Can we talk about the elephant that’s always in the room? When you hear the words “boudoir photo shoot” or even “Playboy,” do you have a specific pre-conceived image come to mind? Is it a woman of a certain shape, size, color, and breast size? 

I get it. 

Let me debunk this narrative and show you why it's absolute bullshit! At my studio, we don't just invite you in if you fit certain criteria. We CELEBRATE YOU for who you are - all the multifaceted sides of you!

Our studio motto is “Empowering everybody to embrace their bodies!” 

So put your preconceived ideas away, and let your imagination run wild as I share three reasons boudoir photo shoots are for women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and sexuality. You in? Let’s go!

boudoir photo shoot portraits celebrating women of all shapes and sizes in little rock arkansas photo studio

One: Your Worth is Not Determined By Your Size

Who else hates that the first thing you do when you visit a doctor is hopping on a scale to check your weight? Is your hand raised? Mine is! And here’s the thing - our worth isn’t determined by our size or weight. That’s something we’ve been conditioned to think by society, but it’s total BS.

Bodies are made to change and grow. Mic Zazon coined the phrase, “Normalize Normal Bodies,” and I couldn’t relate to a quote more about body positivity.

Clothes are designed to fit our bodies, not the other way around. 

We are living, breathing, evolving humans. Of course, our bodies are going to change! And the quicker you believe (I mean, REALLY believe) that, the better your everyday self-esteem will be.

Whether you're curvy, petite, or somewhere in between, your body is a masterpiece waiting to be celebrated in our Arkansas boudoir studio. When I say we’re body inclusive - I’m not kidding. We carry lingerie for your shoot from XS-4XL. You deserve to feel fucking amazing as you are right now without worrying about fitting into a certain size lingerie.

collage of boudoir photo shoot portraits celebrating women of all shapes and sizes
boudoir photo shoot images of three women taken in little rock arkansas boudoir photo studio

Two: Rediscover Your Sensuality and Sexuality

Any moms in here? Having kids is such a blessing, but it can take a toll on the way you see yourself as a sensual and sexual woman. I shared before about how I struggled with my own body image after having my son. So trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and thankfully, I’m on the other side of it now to cheer on my clients and help them do the same!

Boudoir photo shoots aren’t just about capturing gorgeous images. It's an experience that helps you reconnect and tap back into your femininity…for YOU! If you have a partner, bonus - they’ll probably enjoy the secondary benefits of you feeling like a bad bitch again. But even if you’re single, it’s time to get your sexy back, mama!

And if you’re an expectant mama, don’t think we’ve left you out. We love having women in during their pregnancy. Hormones are already heightened, so we lean into and take advantage of it! Your body (baby bump and all) is gorgeous. So, if you need a little confidence boost before baby arrives, come in for a day of pampering with us!

We’re an all-female team, and we help you explore and love your body in a safe and supportive environment during your boudoir photo shoot.

three boudoir photos of woman in green bra and underwear celebrating her body in boudoir photo shoot
maternity boudoir photo shoot images of two women in lingerie celebrating their expanding and changing bodies

Three: The Transformation After A Boudoir Photo Shoot

The transformation that happens during a boudoir photo shoot and after is always an amazing moment. For many women, it helps them move past a mental block so they can see possibility in themselves again. 


For some women, they’re celebrating a milestone event like a bridal boudoir session for their future spouse. Others may be reconnecting with themselves after trauma or sexual assault. 

Whatever the reason, I’m always moved by the gasps and tears of joy when a woman sees her final images and asks, “That’s really me?!”

Yes, babe. That’s you! It’s always been you.

You’ve just been going through life, and sometimes we need a pause to reflect on loving ourselves. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

four bridal boudoir photo shoot images of women in lingerie celebrating their upcoming weddings
six boudoir photo shoot photos of women celebrating their bodies in arkansas boudoir portrait studio

So, what do you think? Are you getting excited about your very own boudoir photo shoot with us?!?

If you’re ready to take the leap, embrace your body (as it is today, not when you lose X amount of weight), and conquer your fears, I’d love to invite you in for a life-changing experience with us!

At Ashlee Jo Photography, my team and I are committed to creating an empowering experience without any judgment or discrimination based on shape, size, background, or sexuality. You’re welcome AND CELEBRATED here!

“Empowering everybody to embrace their bodies!”  - Ashlee Jo Photography